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The Stages & The Significance Of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

May 18, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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The Stages Of RPO: An Insight On How RPO Service Helps In Organization Recruiting Approach

If there's one thing that all organizations unanimously agree upon, it is the fact that in most organizations, the entire talent acquisition function is time-consuming, tedious, expensive, and riddled with outdated practices. Just like how innovative business strategies are the evolving norm for today's businesses to thrive and survive, new hiring and employer branding strategies are being welcomed across organizations. Businesses are showing an increasing affinity for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the most effective and successful strategy of all.

Why RPO - The Best Recruitment Solution?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO, as they are more popularly known , involves an organization acquiring the services of an RPO solution provider to handle the complete recruitment process or a part of its permanent recruitment needs on its behalf. Businesses see this clever consultative approach as one of the most worthwhile investments ever, to help achieve their pre-defined business goals.

An infographic that illustrates the various steps in an organization's recruitment process and the importance of recruitment outsourcing services.
How do RPO firms handle it all? First, they have the deep domain expertise to deploy an effective recruitment solution, and secondly, they work with a streamlined focus to find the finest talent for their client using innovative technology. To achieve their objectives most effectively, RPOs break down the recruitment process into various stages. The stages of recruitment are:

  • Stage 1: Analyzing The Job

Job Analysis kicks off the entire recruitment outsourcing process. It is a step that cannot be avoided because the business needs to clarify the job roles, and the nature of core skills and qualifications they require from the prospective employee. Job analysis allows RPOs to filter applications based on the specific candidate criteria laid down by the client organization.

  • Stage 2: Creating A Job Description

A job description includes the job title and a brief description of the role and responsibilities to simplify the task of filtering the right candidates from an ambitious talent pool . An information-rich job description conveys a clear message to prospective candidates awaiting job openings with similar criteria. It also streamlines the selection process. 

  • Stage 3: Announcing The Job Openings

Once the organization completes the initial hiring process, it is time to let the world know about the available job openings. Job vacancy advertisements are best noticed on online media platforms, job portals, self websites, business profiles, and professional online platforms that attract most job seekers and qualified candidates, in particular. The advertisements almost always elicit an immediate response from applicants.

  • Stage 4 : Selecting The Best Talent

This is where the real grind begins. Once the deadline for receiving the applications is over, it is time to review the screen candidates and select the deserving high-quality talent with the defined core competencies, for the next recruitment process. Next, the selected candidates undergo a gauntlet of interviews, group discussions, and assessment tests that help the team of recruiters to analyze the experience of candidates, their skills, ethical attitude, body language, and interest in the job. After the candidate assessments are done, the hiring manager arrives at a final list of candidates worthy of the job.

  • Stage 5: Final Selection Of Candidates

The final stage of the recruitment process is most often the toughest stage for the selected candidates. They face another stringent gauntlet of interviews, group discussions, and training sessions to filter the list further until only the deserving final candidate remains. Thus, RPOs make sure that the expected quality of hire is achieved. 

The team of experienced recruiters makes a thorough background check of the candidate's credentials before discussing the remuneration and sending the official job offer letter for their respective job positions.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing- A Necessity For Any Industry

Investing in RPOs for workforce planning is a blessing that manifests itself in many ways for an organization. It is a step in the right direction because there are many positive outcomes for businesses.

Curbs Unnecessary Recruitment Costs

Recruitment processes take a huge chunk of the organization's budget. Allying with RPOs is a one-time investment that takes care of it all and allows businesses to invest their time and resources in their business objectives and core operations. The RPOs handle the entire responsibility of sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, rejecting, and training the selected candidates for the client. It offers the best cost per hire model that will help organizations realize many cost savings. Thus, RPOs are the best solution to form a well-enabled workforce with budget constraints.

Improve Employee Productivity

All employees want job satisfaction, and all businesses seek productivity. The fundamental objective of RPOs service is to find the right talent at the right time and place them with the right company after assessing its internal labor requirements based on the insights shared by the internal recruiting team. Once the critical roles are filled with the right candidates, the company's business goals are easier to achieve. It is a win-win scenario for the employees and the employers, leading to satisfaction and productivity.

Fulfill precise human resources Needs

More than anything, RPOs know how and where to look for talent. Armed with extensive data and a wide network of contacts, RPOs make recruitment processes easy, hassle-free, and smooth. They have the flexible solution and expertise to handle any staffing issue and hasten from one workforce plan to the next. They can also identify untapped skills, locate immensely talented candidates, and focus on a specific workforce for critical job positions. RPOs are a perfect solution for cost reduction and filling skills gaps in the workforce.

Our Recruiters Assess hiring metrics

RPO partners help their clients assess important metrics from their current recruitment processes. They help to identify the number of unfulfilled jobs, cost per hire, revenue per employee, bad candidates, and the revenue generated by top performers in the organization's workforce. Most often, these metrics are ignored until the recruiting and hiring expenses show odd numbers. RPOs provide incredible insights into a company's talent acquisition investment, and help the employer make wiser decisions, leveraging different recruiting options.

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