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How Can RPO Companies Help You Be The Perfect Employer?

June 3, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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How does a business attract and retain top talent? By building an exclusive employer brand! When the brand is strong, candidates aspire to work with the organization. So how does a business showcase its brand? With the help of RPO providers.

A RPO provider ensures that a business's brand is effectively depicted during the talent acquisition process, thereby developing an image of a good employer. Let's take a look at how working with a RPO solutions provider can strengthen employer branding strategy.

What Is Employer Branding?

According to LinkedIn's Global Recruiting Trends report on small to medium businesses, 72% of global recruiting leaders accept that employer branding significantly impacts hiring. It gives unequivocal proof of the importance of employer branding.

But what comprises an employer brand, and how does it differ from company branding?

Employer Branding Vs. Company Branding :

While the two often overlap and work towards similar goals, company and employer branding have inherent differences. Company branding is a more traditional form of branding. It is how the customer, consumers, competitors and end-users view a company. The latter, often also called employment brand, is a more niche form of branding. It is how current employees or potential candidates perceive a company. This form of branding gives organizations the opportunity to build and promote their employee value proposition.

The company brand is always at the top of the priority list. But right next to it should be the employer brand reputation because how a former, current, and future employee perceives a business is crucial for the business. Moreover, given the shortage of skilled workers and the extremely competitive hiring market, employer brand assessment has become even more essential.

A good brand identity can improve quality of hire, reduce cost per hire, build a valued company culture, improve candidate attraction and engagement, reduce hiring costs, enhance employee engagement, loyalty, and retention.

RPO providers understand these elements at play. They work with specific employer branding metrics. They effectively communicate who you are as a business through marketing and advertising on social platforms, knitting a trustworthy reputation and solid image. This helps rope in high-quality candidates and also retain current employees RPO providers also cultivate brand visibility by tapping into their networks that include candidates searching for a new position, regardless of whether they are active candidates or passive candidates.

How RPO Solutions Providers Enable Strong Employer Branding?

RPO providers offer employer branding services through a two-pronged approach. The first springs from their expertise and the second solution through the services they offer. Here's a deeper look into them.

  • Recruitment process outsourcing partners a business with specialists experienced in the company's sector or industry. The RPO team becomes a natural extension of the business. They get to know the organization inside out. Thus, they represent an accurate picture of the organization to the prospective candidates.
  • RPOs actively work at enhancing the brand image. They help create a high-value employer brand by making the hiring process frictionless. Since they understand the business deeply, they are able to source high-quality candidates with least possible time. Both qualities project a positive employer image and give your organization a competitive hiring edge.
  • Another way RPO services providers build strong brands is through social media. Social recruiting programs leverage multiple social media channels to attract talent. This serves as a digital extension of the employer brand.
  • Additionally, they have creative teams who produce tailored social campaigns to reach the right candidates. These recruitment marketing campaigns serve to promote a company's image as an attractive employer. Since RPO teams are also experienced in digital marketing, they are able to micro-target audiences. It guarantees that relevant candidates apply for the job, which, in turn, bolsters an agile employer branding strategy.
  • Professionally crafted job descriptions are another avenue through which an RPO provider supports employer branding. Expertly written descriptions are vital for grabbing the attention of good talent and invite quality applications from candidates. Poor job descriptions with vague information result in the wrong type of candidates applying for the job.
  • RPO teams have copywriters to ensure that the description they pen accurately describes the position. Professional content writers also add a flare showcasing the employer brand identity while being succinct. It makes sure that the right talent applies for the role.

A recent LinkedIn Report also mentioned that 59% of recruiting leaders across the globe are investing more in different aspects of employer branding, with 55% working proactively on it. RPO services assist on both fronts in this case to meet the demand .

Why Techfetch RPO Is Your Ideal Employer Brand Partner?

When a business fails to have an explicit employer brand, the HR has to spend their time on the employer branding efforts. They have to explain repetitively who the organization is as an employer and why someone should work for it. Besides the additional labor, it creates an inconsistent picture of the business. It is the reason why partnering with RPO providers like Techfetch RPO makes perfect sense.

Our recruitment specialists perform a detailed employer brand competitive analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the company's employer brand. We also connect it to EVP. An employer's value proposition is a mission, vision, value, and culture statement. When written right, it gives any potential candidate a potent reason to work with the company.

We also have the know-how to relay the desired message in an Employer Value Proposition (EVP), thereby engaging the talent pool. We ensure that the EVP aligns with the long-term approach of the company. Further, by reducing the challenges and drawbacks of the recruitment cycle, Techfetch RPO elevates the employer brand.

The takeaway:

When candidates ponder over joining a new organization, they want to be confident about their decision. They want assurance that it is the perfect company to join. Techfetch RPO offers a quality experience to the candidate throughout their recruitment journey. And that helps reinforce the fact that the candidate is making the correct call in their career.

Without an iota of doubt, Techfetch RPO makes the ideal strategic partner for employer branding. And we do it for a plethora of reasons ranging from hassle free recruitment strategy to more employer branding visibility. However, we also establish the employer brand strategy in existing employees. Our employer branding team do it with the help of expert storytelling, helping in employee retention that would otherwise be poached. Interested to know more or wish to avail our authentic employer branding & other RPO services? Get in touch with us today!

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