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TechRPO- A Refined Way To Recruit IT Specialists

September 2, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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What's Driving The Need For Tech RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing isn't new, but Tech RPO is. The rate at which the technology skills market evolves demands a new and improved way of recruiting tech talents. Statistics also point in that direction. Experts say that IT employment in the United States is expected to grow by 11% from 2019 to 2029. With this number, it is easy to visualize how things will be for tech companies in the near future. Organizations will have to navigate tighter labor markets to single out proficient talents in relevant technologies.

Tech RPO comes as an incredible solution to recruit tech talents for businesses looking to fortify their competitive stand. A tech RPO partnership can works wonders for organizations. It will create a synergy that reduces recruitment expenses for the business and help scale their tech-related objectives.

However, one question remains: What is the necessity for this specific solution, rather than standard RPO? Experts attribute the necessity to the numerous challenges faced by organizations when recruiting tech talent.

Recruiting Tech Talent: The Challenges & Hardships

The business landscape is changing at breakneck speed, and the need for IT skills is expanding faster than normal for other professions. Yet, tech recruitment is plagued with the following challenges:

  • Demand Vs.Supply

There is a large chasm dividing the supply and demand of tech talent. Recruiters worldwide are facing problems identifying skilled local candidates, despite the growing job vacancies in tech-related posts.

  • Misaligned priorities

To make matters worse, there is a nagging lack of coordination between the recruiters and hiring managers. Their difference in recruitment priorities is contributing to the challenges that companies are facing.

  • Impatient recruits

Another major hurdle in tech recruitment is that job seekers lose interest in the job if the recruitment process is time-consuming and tiring. Recruiters stand to lose promising candidates if they do not act fast enough.

  • Lack of streamlined processes

Without clear and well-structured processes, recruiters lack the right strategies to identify exclusive tech talent. Candidates with impressive resumes fail to hold the same promise during the interview.

As a result, recruiting companies have to find a unique way to attract, recruit, and retain top tech talent. Let's not forget those job seekers have the advantage of being choosy while picking jobs. Hence, organizations need to up the ante to stay ahead of the game.

Tech Recruitment Made Easier With Tech RPO

By definition, Tech RPO is the process of partnering with a service provider to handle a part of or the entire recruitment process of a company. Your RPO partner:

  • Takes authority for the outcome of the tech recruitment process.
  • Handles the staff, workflow, and implementation of methodologies.
  • Uses their expertise to screen IT talent
  • Allows you to leverage your experience and expertise in the tech field.

Now, let's dive deeper and explore what a Tech RPO partnership offers your business.

  • Real-time insights

Global transformation is forcing organizations to adopt and hire new skillsets. There is so much change that no company knows exactly what it will need in the future. In these unpredictable times, Tech RPO gives you access to real-time data insights. With the advice of its market experts, you will be well-prepared to make informed hiring decisions. You can also get insight-driven solutions for your Tech hiring problems from your Tech RPO provider.

  • Customized Solutions

Let's say you have an impending project that requires candidates with tech skills. Your Tech RPO provider will customize a recruitment solution for your specific needs with Project RPO- a model that allows you to hire short-term. It is a scalable solution that gives you access to experienced tech recruits. It is also a cost-effective and quick way to fulfill your tech hiring needs.

  • Speedy Hiring

RPOs that specialize in tech hiring has years of experience and expertise in this field. These experts have a nuanced understanding of the tech industry, its jobs, and the skills in demand. Above all, RPOs have an unlimited network of contacts at their disposal. All these aspects can significantly reduce the cost and time-to-hire.

  • Niche Talent

When it comes to recruiting niche IT talent, a high-quality job advertisement is pivotal. Companies often tend to overlook this aspect and end up with adverse results. A tech RPO strategy offers you finer details if you are looking for niche talent. It will target the niche audience and adopt a strong approach with the right language and design. And, they can do all this for you with minimum effort to deliver maximum results.

Tech RPO is proving to be a sustainable solution for well-established companies and startups with so much to offer. Large enterprises require the right IT team to refine their business processes' continuity and stability. When you partner with an RPO firm that specializes in tech recruitment, you gain the following benefits:

  • Quickly fill job vacancies by using their extensive network. They assist you in finding unique talent that will help you scale the changing business landscapes.
  • Provide expert advice based on well-researched facts, statistics, and industry expertise.
  • Forecast talent requirements based on market fluctuations and take immediate action to balance the supply with the demand.
  • Free up your HR team, giving them the much-needed time to focus on the core functions.

For young companies, talent acquisition is a challenge they can't afford to lose. Partnering with the right RPO brings them qualified candidates who also match the distictive culture of startups.

Advantages Of Tech RPO For Startups

  • Recruit candidates who can face the challenges that come with starting a new business.
  • Ensures compliance with employee regulatory policies and helps you avoid legal complications.
  • Helps meet fluctuating talent needs and business demands with customized solutions.
  • Helps cultivate Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to improve your company's attractiveness to prospective job seekers.
  • Gives access to reliable and robust talent sources with much less time and money.
  • Handles recruitment process with the right tools, strategies, and practices and ensures a good candidate experience.

A partnership with a reliable RPO provider goes beyond business metrics. They work with a commitment to boost your employer brand and fortify your business capacities with an enviable IT workforce.

Want to know how Techfetch RPO can help you with tech recruitment? Our team is just a call away. Contact us today.

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