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Unmasking The Truth Behind RPO Myths

July 7, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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Anything that is new and has a rising popularity graph is likely to be plagued by myths and misconceptions. RPO is no exception to this, despite being one of the fastest-growing outsourcing domains. In the current scenario, RPOs have the potential to vastly enhance the workforce of a company. Despite their widespread popularity, RPOs aren't spared from the many myths attempting to disrupt their potential success. These myths are generated by those who are not familiar with RPO, its concept, and its benefits. They create the misconception that RPO is an expensive, large-scale recruitment process that will not accelerate talent acquisition.

As RPO continues to evolve and grow, it is important to dispel these RPO myths and help businesses understand RPO's significance. Our blog debunks eight important myths surrounding the RPO industry. Let's discover the facts behind these myths.

Eight Important RPO Myths Debunked

  • Myth 1: RPO is a temporary trend.

Fact: There has always been the pressing need for a more efficient form of outsourcing, and RPO has emerged as the solution. Besides, offshore RPO firms have been thriving for the past couple of decades. Now, the growth of this particular outsourcing domain is tremendous and is predicted to grow in the coming years. More businesses will adopt RPO for its many benefits. Hence, RPO is not a temporary trend but a practice that's here to stay.

  • Myth 2: All RPO strategies are the same.

Fact: It is a misconception that RPO firms lack exclusivity in their approach toward hiring. In reality, RPOs are niche experts with the potential to perfect talent acquisition processes. They can consistently deliver high-quality candidates as and when needed. Within the RPO industry, there are RPO firms that specialize in handling the hiring needs of specific industries like technology, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, etc. The strategies, therefore, differ with every organization.

  • Myth 3: RPO partnerships dilute employer branding.

Fact: Not at all. In fact, enhanced employer branding is one of the best advantages of allying with an RPO provider. These experts design customized strategies to create well-rounded employment brands that attract the very best candidates. Besides improving employee retention, they project their clients' businesses in the best light. They also consult their clients to identify ways to improve the perception of their employer brand. For bench marking purposes, the RPO provider monitors the client's brand alongside its top competitors.

  • Myth 4: Staffing agencies have a wide reach. RPOs do not.

Fact: This misconception stems from the thought that only staffing agencies have access to a wider database of talents. However, with today's advanced technology and exponential growth of online profiles, everyone is reachable. That said, the RPO objective is different from that of staffing agencies. They function not only to find the right skills but also to engage them effectively and culturally align them with the right organization.

  • Myth 5: RPOs follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

Fact: This is one misconception that discourages businesses from realizing the true potential of RPOs.The truth is that they are 100% flexible and scalable. RPOs understand that no two organizational hiring needs are the same. Adopting redundant strategies will not produce any of the desired results. Additionally, their in-depth understanding of the market fluctuations enables them to align their strategies accordingly.

  • Myth 6: RPOs will replace your in-house HR team.

Fact: They do not. RPOs act as an extension of the organization's HR team.
A strategic partnership between an RPO provider and HR teams is critical to the long-term success of talent acquisition. Having an RPO only enhances the HR team's strategies, for they continue to uphold and implement the newly developed processes.

  • Myth 7: Candidate experience is not a top priority.

Fact: The candidate is the main objective for the RPO and its client organization. In fact, every candidate is a valuable investment. RPOs understand that candidate experience is strongly tied to employer branding. Hence, their strategies are carefully curated, with candidate experience as a top priority. It is this enhanced candidate experience that brings the finest talents flocking towards a business.

  • Myth 8: Cost-effectiveness is the only benefit of an RPO partnership.

Fact: RPOs are traditionally designed to cut down recruitment costs. However, the benefit of allying with an RPO firm extends far beyond cost-effectiveness. An RPO partnership translates to access to exclusive talents via an extensive database. They are capable of relentlessly sifting through job boards to filter the finest candidates. Most importantly, RPOs shoulder the responsibility of recruitment which is a massive, time-consuming process. With a huge burden off their shoulders, in-house staff can prioritize their core responsibilities, such as business expansion or brand development. The company can also utilize round-the-clock shifts to boost recruitment velocity.

Seek The Truth Beyond The Myths

If you are seeking more effective talent acquisition solutions, you must take an open approach. Rather than relying on hearsay and rumors, your recruitment decisions should be based on well-researched RPO facts. Seeking validation is important; going beyond the myths and exploring the facts will be helpful. If not, business owners themselves could be deterring their companies from gaining the benefits.

Are you still harboring any qualms about Recruitment Process Outsourcing? We at Techfetch RPO are eager to dispel your doubts and provide clarity so that your business gets the best advantages from embracing RPO. Please feel free to call our team.

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