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RPO- The Right Way To Solve The Recruitment Riddle

July 3, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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Recruitment is undoubtedly a tedious process. But, no organization can ever evade the process as such as it has a vital role to play in the growth of a company. Growing businesses will always have to solve new and unique recruitment challenges every now and then. These challenges need a holistic solution that does not hamper the other core processes of the company.

Recruitment- 1 Process, Multiple Steps

The recruitment process as such includes a slew of steps. Right from the initial screening of candidates to conducting assessment tests, verifying background, scheduling interviews, and choosing the right person, the steps are too many in number.

Also, growing companies will have to face the wrath of tough competition from their well-established counterparts. To face this competition, you need candidates who can help build brands and meet your business needs.

Now, how to solve all these talent acquisition challenges? Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the one you can count on!

What Is RPO? Why Is It Required To Solve Recruitment Challenges?

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing refers to the process of outsourcing your company's recruitment process to a third-party expert recruitment company. They will be able to meet your or your client's needs with the help of their experienced resources and professional expertise.

RPO plays a crucial role in the businesses of today. It can help growing businesses like you to scale up at minimum costs. You get to outsource the best talent to meet your client's requirements and complete the projects way ahead of the stipulated time frame. A few of the benefits RPO can offer to tackle the IT recruitment challenges include:

  • No more payroll expenses
  • No more employee management
  • No more payment of extra benefits
  • No more office expenses or investments

Thus, by partnering with a professional RPO expert, you can stop worrying about the talent acquisition challenges and instead divert your concentration to your core business.

How Does RPO Help Overcome Talent Acquisition Challenges?

Every growing business will have a countless number of moving parts to keep track of. You have to find ways to cut the costs. But, you can't compromise with your talent acquisition process. You need the best talents to grow and attain goals. Now, that is a riddle companies need to solve, and that too, quickly! Here is how RPO helps to overcome such recruitment challenges every growing organization faces:

Handles fluctuating needs

Recruitment is a process that ebbs and flows, especially if it is a growing business. RPO helps you to handle the sudden hiring requirements for a project or department expansion without much hassle. RPO enables you to scale up or down without eating into your money or time constraints. It offers you the flexibility your organization needs to grow and achieve targets.

Strengthens brands

Developing brand awareness is pivotal as it helps to retain existing talents and attract new talents. As your organization grows, so does its culture and values evolve. During a period of rapid growth, your brand might take a back seat as your focus might be more on the growth factor.

But, with an expert RPO to assist you, you don't have to worry about your brand value getting depleted or forgotten. The RPO provider will get to know your organization and the values it represents. They will then convey it authentically to the candidates while sourcing them for your company. Thus, with each talent addition, you only strengthen your brand and never deplete it.

Assists in talent acquisition

Growing companies will have to address more grey areas as their talent needs evolve. Also, as a company in its growing stage, your talent acquisition processes may not be as defined as the well-established global entities. Hence, there is no "one size that fits all" solution to tackle the IT recruitment challenges you might be facing. It can keep on varying according to your company's geography, hiring manager's priorities, industry, skills, and team dynamics.

Your RPO provider will have specialists on their team who can understand your industry, company, and culture. They can help you in sourcing candidates that best fit your talent needs. Also, they can offer you technologically advanced tools and techniques to streamline your recruitment process and take charge of your hiring needs.

Manage expenses

A growing company needs to be extra careful about its expenses. One small mistake can lead to huge repercussions. If you decide to manage hiring by yourself, the cost can climb and can even hamper other crucial business processes.

With RPO, you get to choose a recruitment model that suits your organization's needs perfectly. Further, they adopt a streamlined approach to cut down your recruitment costs considerably. RPO firms carry out pre-hire assessments to create an enhanced candidate experience, thereby improving employee retention.

Identify Priorities And Track Overall Organizational Improvement With RPO

As your organization grows, you need to keep track of the improvements you need to implement in your company. Talent acquisition is not the only area that needs attention. Every department will have its own list of requirements and problems to be sorted to help them move towards their goals. With a limited budget, you may not be able to sort it all at once.

The best solution to tackle this challenge will be to develop a strategic business case. Your RPO partner can help you capture the right metrics that affect your business productivity and then compare it with the right benchmarks. Using this data, your RPO can analyze your company's current recruitment methodologies and offer you consistent feedback and reports. This will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the current job market and make necessary changes in your recruitment process.

Prioritize diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two important points that largely decide the success of a company. And, its implementation should start right from the recruitment process. Your RPO expert will help you source talents from a very diverse talent pool of talents. They will closely analyze the candidate's skills and determine whether they are the right fit for your job requirement. RPO providers not only offer diversity in selection but also suggest to you the best practices you can adopt to ensure the inclusion of these candidates.

Integrate the cultural changes

One of the greatest challenges every growing organization will have to face is integrating unpredictable cultural changes in your organization. As you grow and spread to different geographical locations, your company's culture will also undergo rapid change. Though it may not seem to be a talent acquisition challenge, the truth is that it is also a challenge you need to tackle. This can make it difficult for you to represent your company culture accurately to the candidate you are interviewing.

Though your RPO partner can't bring changes to your culture, they can help to ensure that your company's value proposition is well articulated and presented authentically throughout the hiring process. Though it is a small step, it is a proven step that helps build a company of ethics, value, and culture.

Tackle Recruitment Challenges With Techfetch RPO

Techfetch RPO assists you in tackling every talent acquisition challenge your company faces. We help you meet your company's growing recruitment needs and save your time so that you can divert your attention to the core business operations. Talk to us today about your IT recruitment challenges, and leave the rest to us!

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