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RPO Bringing In Big Changes In The Hiring Scenario

July 13, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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Change is constant. But the most recent one is more of a seismic shift that has caused a global readjustment. For businesses, the challenges are humongous. Managing workflow procedures, staff workloads, and headcount have become a remote process. Companies seek concrete solutions to protect their workers, retain customers and remain productive in the face of adversity.

This effect is prominent even in the recruitment industry. Recovering from the initial shock of the pandemic, the global recruitment industry has begun coping with the changing scenario. Hiring practices have changed and expanded.

We delve deeper into this topic to understand how recruitment agencies worldwide work in tandem with the changing scenario.

Improved Hiring Practices: Driving The Demand For RPO Providers

The zeal to survive despite these unprecedented challenges has given rise to more start-ups and promising ventures. With every passing day, a new company blooms in the corporate world. This expansion accelerates hiring requirements, thus perfectly shaping the way to offer more jobs. The increased need for workforce expansion calls for streamlined expertise- an advantage that only RPO agencies can provide.

Having realized the importance of outsourcing, businesses are ready to invest in RPO companies to take a huge burden off their shoulders. RPO partners can be a great ally for organizations that find workforce planning a daunting task, despite an in-house HR team.

There is an ocean of differences between how an in-house HR team operates and how an RPO provider works. A seasoned RPO firm has at its disposal an incredible database powered by state-of-the-art technology. They have a worldwide network of contacts and the acumen to project their clients in the best light. These experts are well-versed in assessing and verifying candidate details, core skills, past experiences, and other competencies. Additionally, they offer flexible RPO models to suit the fluctuating talent requirements.

In the current scenario, RPO providers are very much in demand. Their niche support has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Here are the main factors behind the rising demand for RPO companies:

  • Result-oriented strategies

An RPO firm's hiring strategies are a far cry from old-school techniques that are slow, unreliable, time-consuming, and expensive. Thanks to advanced technology, talent acquisition today is quick, transparent, meticulous, and error-free. It is easier to find exclusive talent to improve the quality of the workforce.

  • Quality talent

Every organization has its talent requirements. RPO providers operate by first understanding these requirements and aligning their strategies accordingly. They add value to the business through a strategic partnership that aims for common business goals. RPO firms have easy access to quality talent, which is one of the most valuable parameters to measure the effectiveness of the hiring process.

  • Employer branding

Highlighting the employer through various marketing tools and platforms is one of the most important benefits offered by RPO providers. A successful RPO partnership can project a positive image of the client amongst potential candidates. As a result, it increases the chances of harnessing quality talent to boost the workforce.

The Refined Talent Acquisition Strategies RPO Providers Offer

It all boils down to two questions: How are recruitment agencies changing the hiring scenario? What are their strategies to help businesses stay agile, relevant, and efficient?

Here are the answers:

Filling skill gaps

The research firm Aberdeen in its RPO And The Segmented Workforce report, reveals that 81% of the surveyed companies believe RPO's help bridge skill gaps. This is a great advantage for companies plagued by incompetency due to skill gaps in their workforce. This RPO strategy also provides a reduction in Cost Per Hire, which is an additional relief.

Flexible solutions

An RPO partnership can be a boon to companies in times of crisis and layoffs. Their industry expertise gives them the added advantage to strategize, evaluate, and forecast fluctuating staffing needs and help create staffing budgets. They can provide on-demand solutions that meet the organizaiton's niche resource requirements.

Unlimited hiring assistance

Recruitment agencies go above and beyond to help make the partnership work as an investment rather than an expense. They do not just hire and induct talents. They stretch their deep-rooted expertise to provide flexible services and guide you with wiser hiring decisions. They induce a change that fortifies the company's talent acquisition process in the long run.

Partner With RPO Providers For Operational Efficiency

The hiring scenario will keep on changing. But the role of recruitment agencies will only expand and become indispensable in the coming years. The talent competition will be more fierce than ever before. Hence, allying with an RPO provider will itself be a clever and necessary strategy. Techfetch RPO can be your reliable recruitment partner in these changing times. Teaming with us will power your financial and operational efficiency. Empower your workforce with our expertise today!

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