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RPO: Know The 4 Models & Advantages Of Hybrid RPO

May 24, 2021
Techfetch RPO Team
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RPO-Recruitment Models: How can RPO Services Help In Your Company Growth?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO handles every single stage of your recruiting function from assessing a company's workforce requirements and candidate sourcing to placing the right person for the job vacancy; we deploy highly effective recruiting strategies to build a valuable talent pipeline for our clients.

When an organization hires an RPO firm like Techfetch RPO, we embed ourselves with the organization's team and act as an extension of the business. A well-established and experienced RPO provider will have the resources and the capabilities to handle the workforce requirements of small, large, and giant corporations by taking a more flexible approach towards the entire recruitment process.

The need for hiring differs for every organization. RPO providers offer four basic models to fill the skills gaps, fulfill the workforce requirements and simplify the hiring process.

Model 1: Recruiter on Demand

Recruiter on Demand RPO is the perfect solution for organizations with unpredictable, volatile hiring needs influenced by the incoming projects and their quarter performance. They may not be able to predict when they will need to downsize or onboard a large number of staff. When RPOs act as on-demand recruiters, we become a cost-effective solution to tackle the unpredictable spikes in hiring volumes. Besides providing the right resources, our talent acquisition leaders also stay integrated with the company's internal team and channelize processes between hiring managers and employees.

Model 2: Project-based RPO

As an ideal short-term hiring model, Project RPO fulfills the recruitment needs when the company requires extra human resources to handle new project/ product launches, contracts, and specific jobs. The project-based model operates on specific timelines and well-defined goals. Project-based RPOs are a wise investment for companies seeking a particular range of expertise from diversified talent pools for highly specialized projects. The dedicated team focuses only on the given assignment and completes it to perfection within the stipulated deadline of hiring project.

Some companies also use this cost-effective RPO transaction model to test-drive recruitment outsourcing and assess if the customized service offering aligns with their corporate practices and delivery models. 

Model 3: Full-Service RPO

As its name indicates, the Full-Service RPO is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the aspects of a recruitment process. It takes care of sourcing, candidate screening, employer branding, recruiting, training, and placing the candidate in the right job. In short, it does the bulk of recruitment heavy-lifting so that companies can focus on their employee benefits and business objectives.

As an RPO service provider, we create a strategic partnership with our clients and thoroughly assess their hiring requirements before devising and deploying a customized hiring strategy. The full-service RPO makes wise use of time, money, and human resources to deliver quality workforce solutions thereby ensuring top-notch hiring.

Model 4: Hybrid RPO

For companies that require the services of a permanent and contingent workforce, the Hybrid RPO is the best choice. This blended talent solution gives organizations absolute flexibility over in-sourced and outsourced jobs. Another major advantage of the Hybrid RPO is that the RPO service takes care of all the compliance regulations for the contingent workforce, thus taking care of major concerns for their clients.

An infographic presenting the different recruitment process outsourcing approaches used by RPO firms to best address the hiring needs of organizations.

The Hybrid RPO model: Reasons why it is an effective and efficient choice for any Industry

The Hybrid RPO is one of the most successful and popular models because it allows organizations to implement a flexible working ideology with more benefits. Here's an analysis of what Hybrid RPO delivers:

Maintain company culture

HR outsourcing ensures that the contingent or permanent workforce recognizes and respects the company culture while remaining focused and committed to the business goals. A culturally hybrid model deploys effective HR outsourcing strategies that filter culturally unfit workforce that can cause rifts.

Provide work-life balance

Work-life balance is crucial for a workforce that is working either on or off-premises. The hybrid RPO model allows employees to give their very best by motivating them to focus on work without feeling any strain or stress. It will enable organizations to understand what drives employee engagement and work on them. Employees are also allowed to prioritize their lives, taking the time to destress and rejuvenate their minds.

Improves employee trust

HR outsourcing opens the doors to ample and equal opportunities for the present and prospective employees. Whether they are members of the permanent workforce or the contingent team, an open-door policy encourages employees to take on challenging job roles and make the most of their talents. It helps to sow the seeds of trust in a flexible and promising company culture, thus proving beneficial for everyone.

Provides growth opportunities

A culturally hybrid work ambiance automatically calls for equal opportunities for every single employee. It establishes a good platform that offers many job roles for employees to explore and use their skills. To establish such a platform and ensure it works as expected, HR executives need to interact with the employees and help them realize their hidden strengths.

Adds additional skills

Adopting a Hybrid RPO delivers specific and distinctive capabilities than what can be expected from the in-house team. The RPO model uses extensive contacts and resources to narrow down qualified candidates with what it takes to handle very specific projects. The Hybrid RPO approach adds a lot of value to the recruitment process because it is unique and powers the client to improve and optimize their workforce.

Simplify your hiring requirements with Techfetch RPO services

Techfetch RPO makes the entire recruiting process easier and more profitable. We offer comprehensive HR guidance and outsourcing solutions that empower you with a list of skilled candidate options and bring superior talent right to your doorstep. Our innovative outsourcing processes harness rare talents and well-honed skills that have the potential to upgrade your core operations and boost your business growth.

With superior expertise in, Techfetch RPO offers four different RPO models, enabling organizations to scale their workforce with the right people and at the right time to ensures exceptional business growth. Get the Techfetch RPO advantage today! Transform your workforce with our finest talent acquisition strategies by availing full fledged RPO recruitment service. Contact us today to discuss your company requirements and choose the RPO model that works best for you.

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