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New Tech Trends For RPO That Defines Hiring In 2021

New Tech Trends For RPO That Defines Hiring In 2021

Technology has constantly been developing and redefining the way we work and live. When it comes to hiring talent, most companies still depend on traditional recruitment agencies or in-house hiring. However, with changing trends, people now see a lot of scope in the emerging recruitment technology and RPO providers. The new recruitment technology trends have improved the hiring process to a great extent such that it is no longer an exhaustive process.

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RPO providers mostly take up a part or whole of the recruitment process of other companies, and they are fast adapting to new technology that impacts the way they work and do business. Technology trends in hiring have given RPOs an edge over other HR solutions where they are able to help companies hire and retain quality talents. Let us understand more about the new recruiting trends and technologies that will define future hiring.

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Recruitment process outsourcing or RPO is the process of handing over all or a portion of the recruitment efforts of a company to a third party. Typically, the RPO service provider becomes responsible for the following:

Top HR Tech Trends For RPOs

Recruitment technology has made the whole hiring process simple and easy. Some of the top HR trends that can make a whole lot of difference are:

HR Analytics

Data-driven decisions are becoming more prevalent in recruiting. Just like other processes in an organization, the impact of using data analytics is undeniable. Today, an HR professional not just collects data but also stores and analyses them. As a result, analytics play an important role in the HR process. It helps recruitment managers to understand employee performance, recruitment channels and help make informed decisions.

Application Tracking Systems

Human resource software allows hiring managers to coordinate and manage job applications digitally. Application Tracking Systems are now popular, and it plays a key role in digitizing the HR process. An efficient ATS can store applications, post job openings, track application status and  store relevant information. Choosing the right ATS will be crucial as it will be a one-time investment that takes over all HR processes of your organization for years.

Artificial Intelligence

There are many repeated processes and tasks that form a major part of the HR team's tasks. Artificial intelligence is now effectively used to automate these repetitive tasks. For example, AI chatbots speed up the recruitment process and also improve the overall experience. Implementing artificial intelligence will allow the HR team to focus more on other value-driven initiatives.

Virtual Reality

When remote hiring and working have become a norm, virtual reality plays a great role in making the process efficient and effective. Video technology and integrated virtual reality solutions help recruiters gain access to a global resource pool, assist in conducting interviews, save money and time, and speed up the recruitment process. Interactive interviews, simulated assessments, and virtual office tours are some of the key areas where virtual reality will make a lot of difference.

Recruitment Marketing Software

Recruitment marketing software is the perfect solution that helps organizations reach out to quality talent. It is a candidate-driven process that creates, markets, and distributes job openings to attract and retain quality talent.

Top AI Trends For RPO

Artificial intelligence has been transforming the hiring business. Some of the latest artificial intelligence trends that are here to stay are:

Interview Chatbots

Recruiters have been using chatbots for a while, but it was limited to prompting candidates and providing a call to action for landing pages. However, now, chatbots are also used for scheduling interviews and pre-screening candidates. In addition, they can engage with candidates just like human do and converse by text, email, and chat.

Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic job advertising uses algorithmic logic to place the right job opening on the right platform so that you can easily reach out to the right candidate.

Job Aggregators

Job aggregators use spiders and bots to crawl through several job boards, social channels, and career sites to advertise job ads. As a result, you can easily compare between competitors.

Talent Rediscovery Software

Talent rediscovery software uses a database to screen candidates who had applied earlier in your company to check whether they match your current job openings. The technology will also contact candidates through email or social media.

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