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A Complete Overview On Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing or, in short, RPO can be considered a subset of business process outsourcing wherein a business outsources a part of the entire recruitment process to a third-party service provider. The third-party company will be an expert in handling human resource tasks and acts as an extension of the company to maximise hiring efficiency and other recruitment processes.

An RPO service provider takes up the responsibility of the design and management of human resource tasks. They eventually own the HR process. Moreover, an RPO specialist has the necessary technologies, skillsets, and methodologies in an off-site, on-site and virtual model that makes hiring quality candidates from across the world very easy. They are very different from a regular recruiting agency. Apart from hiring, they optimize the company’s recruitment process, focus on business strategies, and streamline the HR process while saving costs.

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Key Services And Models Of RPO

An RPO firm does not offer one-size-fits for all solutions. RPOs designs flexible services customized to meet the precise hiring needs of the organization. These services are made available to companies in the form of different hiring models. The three main models are:

Full RPO

In this model, the employer outsources all human resource tasks to an RPO service provider. For example, the company can outsource all decision-making, processes, and hiring strategies to the service provider and have the RPO providers work like an internal HR team.

Function-based RPO

The company outsources only the hiring services for a particular project or division. Other hiring needs are taken care of by the internal HR teams.

On-demand Model

Companies opt for this model when they have to hire suddenly and immediately. It becomes easier when a company already has an RPO service provider in line with its recruiting process. RPOs will be able to fulfill such requirements promptly while saving a lot of money and time.

An RPO service provider integrates with the business as they build on the culture and the processes of the company to deliver quality talents. The key services offered by RPO service providers are –

Workforce Planning:

The RPO service providers evaluate the current scenario of talent demand and supply of the company to develop a strategy to forecast future hiring requirements.


The RPO service providers formulate sourcing strategies to address the needs or functions of the company. RPO providers take care of talent pipelining, recruitment marketing, predictive analysis, and other advisory solutions.


They offer a rigorous screening of talent to create a pool of quality candidates. It includes interviews, personality and behavioral evaluations, and skill assessments.


They help recruit both active and passive candidates to help find the best fit.

Offer management:

RPOs act as the company representative, conduct interviews, handle negotiations and maintain quality.


They are accountable to the company and take responsibility for the outcome. RPO providers present detailed reports that include recruiting metrics, retention rates, conversion rates, productivity, cost per hire, and time to fill.

Advantages Of Using RPO Services

An RPO provider will bring the following advantages to the company.
RPO providers offer flexible services and solutions that are scalable to meet the requirements of the company. Companies can opt for their services to supplement their recruitment effort or entirely outsource recruitment.
The cost per hire is much less than having an in-house hiring team as it reduces the need to hire, retain and maintain full-time employees.
Time to fill an open position is significantly reduced by implementing recruitment technologies, access to massive referral networks, and industry expertise.

Recruitment process outsourcing is here to stay, offering effective and affordable HR solutions for companies of any size. At Techfetch RPO, we are one of the best recruitment process outsourcing providers that helps companies build a quality, long-term talent pool. Call us today to learn more.

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